Luigi Borrelli Fragrances - Luxury Vintage 57
Artikelnummer : Par00008
Artikelnummer : Par00008
Luigi Borrelli Fragrances - Luxury Vintage 57

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A wonderful "woody" that presents lively and effervescent top notes with green pepper, in the heart violet and cedar blend with the aromas of leather and musk for an ending with a dry bottom. The elegant and sober bottle, is a solid block of slate grey glass, an almost black blue, with a painted walnut ash wood cap. In the suitcase of an elegant man it cannot miss the "Bleu Royal Box" or "Luxury Vintage 57 Box " containing eau de toilette, aftershave balm and deodorant, the two fragrances which are ideal to accompany the journeys of our man.


Kopfnotr: grüner Pfeffer
Herznote: Veilchen, Zeder
Basisnote: Leder, Moschus
Größe : 100ml
Artikel : Parfüm
Marke : Luigi Borrelli
Essenz : Eau de Toilette
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